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Acctiva Multicharger

Compact, powerful, multifunctional 

Do you need to charge a large number of batteries in a small space at the same time? Then you'll like the ACCTIVA Multicharger: Six charging circuits in one. All this in a compact, space-saving design. The LC displays keep you fully informed. Charging and testing of several batteries has never been so easy.

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Recommended fields of use
Ideal for motor vehicles and motorcycles (warehouse, showroom)
Product information:
  • For charging or charge conservation of conventional lead acid, lead calcium/silver batteries, or those of the sealant type (AGM, MF), as well as maintenance-free lead GEL batteries
  • Batteries of various types, with different levels of charge, can be charged simultaneously
  • Each individual charging circuit can be used for testing and charging
  • Indication of battery charge status using bar charts in the display
  • Charging of deeply discharged batteries possible
  • Compact design thanks to primary switched mode power electronics
  • Based on Active Inverter Technology, all processes are microprocessor-controlled
  • Simple wall-mounting


Technical Data

ACCTIVA Multicharger
Multicharger 6-fold
Nominal charging voltage 12 V
Charging current 4 A
Battery capacities 3 - 110 Ah 
Mains voltage 100 V - 230 V +/- 15 %
Charging characteristic IUoU 
Marks of conformity CE / TÜV North America / TÜV PSE (Japan) / TÜV NSW (Australien)
Spiral battery charging lead approx. 1.9 m (stretched)
Final charge voltage per charge circuit 13,5 - 14,4 V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 584 x 288 x 98 mm
Weight 7,1 kg

Equipment features

  • Charging: The ACCTIVA Multicharger charges batteries fully automatically and gently until they reach their maximum capacity. After charging, the charger automatically switches over to conservation charging in order to avoid self-discharge.
  • Testing: The ACCTIVA Multicharger uses the measured open circuit voltage to determine the level of charge and the startability of the battery.
  • Replacing: If the vehicle’s battery is removed or replaced, stored data (e.g. radio, clock, etc) is retained. The Acctiva Multicharger temporarily replaces the battery as the power supply unit. 
Protective features:
  • Electronic reverse polarity protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Safety cut-out
  • Electronically safe
  • Short-circuit protection