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BSU2-125 provides a selectable stable voltage and up to 125A of fully regulated power to prevent loss of battery charge and damage to vehicle components. 

BSU2-125 can be used with any 12v automotive battery.

When the battery is charged the BSU is a regulated power supply to sustain accessory loads and offset parasitic drain.

Can be used in the showroom to maintain the battery charge while power consuming accessories are being demonstrated without fear of power loss.

Reverse polarity protection.


BSU2-125 provides a constant voltage to prevent loss of data and possible damage to control units during software updates, and module reprogramming as well as diagnostic processes when in a Key On, Engine Off state.

During diagnostic or programming operations, the vehicle’s systems are operating solely from the battery. Maintaining battery charge during this process is critical. 

The status of BSU2-125 is indicated simply by three LED’s – POWER, POLARITY, DEMAND. When all 3 are illuminated, BSU2-125 is supporting the battery.

Designed to be wall, ramp or trolley mounted the BSU2-125 has been designed to meet the needs of the high power consuming vehicle.

Special Order Options:
Integrated data logger
24V 70A version

Also available as multiple output version BSU3.



Input         90 – 264 VAC                                      Size    300 x 184 x 124 mm
Output     13.4V up to 125A continuous     Weight 8.5 Kg