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charging solutions

Acctiva Professional Flash

The electronically safe battery charger, with rapid charge function. Provides the vehicle with safe current even during diagnosis and re-programming of the vehicle’s software. The integrated USB port ensures that the charger is completely future-proof: software updates can be loaded very easily. Powerful: 70A in permanent operation.

Product information:

  • Diagnosis and flash: supplies parallel loads during diagnosis, uploads, re-programming and the charger offers maximum safety during this process with a current of 70 A.
  • External power supply: without battery, e.g. during battery change, in showrooms, trade fairs or vehicle launch
  • Refresh mode: low-power batteries can be recharged in the mode (desulphating). This process takes place via a microprocessor-controlled IU characteristic.
  • Rapid charging: powerful recharging of vehicle battery during the limited time available for servicing
  • Start support: the charger can restore a drained battery’s startability in just a few minutes, thanks to its high power output.
  • I-check (current input test): A ten-minute automatic current input test for drained starter batteries can determine whether the battery is defective or still functional.
  • Available version: 12V, 70 A