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charging solutions

Acctiva Multicharger

Do you need to charge a large number of batteries in a small space at the same time? Then you'll like the ACCTIVA Multicharger: Six charging circuits in one. All this in a compact, space-saving design. The LC displays keep you fully informed. Charging and testing of several batteries has never been so easy.

Product information:

  • Batteries of various types, with different levels of charge, can be charged simultaneously
  • Each individual charging circuit can be used for testing and charging
  • Indication of battery charge status using bar charts in the display
  • Charging of deeply discharged batteries possible
  • Compact design thanks to primary switched mode power electronics
  • Based on Active Inverter Technology, all processes are microprocessor-controlled
  • Simple wall-mounting
  • Versions available: 12V (x 6 outlet)