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Automotive Diagnostic Kit (ADK)

Automotive Diagnostic Kit (ADK)

Part No: 871001

Features: Silvertronic introduces the Automotive Diagnostic Kit (ADK). This comprehensive kit features a variety of adapting leads which enable connectivity to virtually all the automotive connectors found in foreign and domestic vehicles. Additionally this kit contains many handy automotive testing accessories all organized in a high quality hard case. The ADK enables the technician to safely connect and perform fast and easy diagnostic measurements. This high quality, all encompassing kit will support the user in his daily testing and diagnostic tasks. Track down your electrical problems with professional testing accessories made exclusively for the automotive field! 

Item 1. Automotive Leads. Flexible silicone adapting lead 35 cm long. On one side 4mm safety right angle plug and on the other side individual automotive connector male or female type. 2 of each size both male and female. 

6.3 Flat-4.8Flat-2.8/0.8Flat-1.5Flat-1.2Flat-0.63Flat-2.5Round-1.5Round-1.00Round. 

Item 2. CordPro 6m 6 metres of double insulated silicone cable conveniently stored in this handy protective cable reel. 

One end terminating in a 4 mm straight plug the other in a 4 mm right angle plug. 

Part No. 134390/B = black 

Item 3. Right Angle Back Probe. This unique Back Probe enables measurement in confined areas. 

The attached lead with socket allows connection with any standard 4 mm plug. 

Part No. 121521/R= red. 121521/B=black 

Item 4. Pair Back Probing Probes. A pair of slim back probing probes, made of ‘spring steel’. 

Compatible with any 4mm plug. 

Part No. 134313. 

Item 5. T-Socket. 3 way 4 mm socket enables to extend, adapt, bridge and create a test point. 

Part No. 124531/R = red x 2. Part No. 124531/B = black x 2. 

Item 6. Easy Access Back Probes. 0.7 mm (0.028”) O.D. Back Probe Pins. Perfect for connecting to fuel injectors, MAP and TPS sensors, as well as any weather pack seal type connectors. Compatible with any industry-standard 4 mm plug. 

Part No. 134388. 

Item 7. Pair Test Leads. Double Silicone insulated, 1,2 m long. On one side 1 x 4 mm safety plug straight and on the other side 1 x 4mm safety plug right angle. 

Part No. 129301 

Item 8. Long Reach Cable Piercer. The Extended cable piercer has the same uses as the standard but with a longer shaft for the more in-accessible areas needed to be tested. Please note that this product does not have the wedge shaped head. 

Part No. 121048/B = black 

Item 9. Cable Piercer The standard cable piercer is ideal for intrusive measurement taking when back probing in not practicable or desired. The piercer has a wedge shaped front for ease of insertion. 

Part No. 121046/R = red 

Item 10. Pair Flanged Fully Insulated Crocodile Clip. Will accept all standard 4 mm plugs. Maximum jaw opening 26 mm 

Part No. 134002.