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Dension audio equipment

Autologic Diagnostics Ltd have an exciting partnership with audio systems specialist, Dension, providing independent garages with the opportunity to offer an extra service to their customers, as well as an additional source of revenue for themselves.

Existing UK & US Autologic users of BMW software now receive an exclusive discounted rate off Dension products.

Complete installation guides for the relevant Dension products are available as pdf downloads from the User Login area for BMW customers.


Gateway 500

The Gateway 500 kit is Dension's premium interface, designed to work with cars which utilise the fibre optic MOST system, such as BMW vehicles where iDrive is fitted. It allows the driver to play and control iPod and USB music sources and also offers AUX input through the car's original audio system - without changing any of the original components or aesthetics of the vehicle. Information from the iPod or USB will be shown on the vehicle's original screen and the content can be browsed using the iDrive. With the popularity of personal entertainment devices on the rise and customers' increasing desire to retain the car's original aesthetic, this type of audio conversion is the fastest growing area of the in car entertainment market.

Gateway 300 and 100

Both the Gateway 300 and 100 interfaces work by emulating the CD changer, making use of the original radio controls so again no change is required to the original car interior aesthetic. Used in compatible vehicles using a CAN system of communication, Gateway 300/100 takes information from an iPod and displays it as text in the car so that the iPod's menus can be easily controlled from the steering wheel or radio.

AVR module

Other accessories are also supplied by Dension to support the Gateway 500 kit. Dension's AVR can route iPod video, USB or other external DVD into any original factory-fitted or 'hook on' screens, whilst still providing the driver with full navigation from the steering wheel, radio or iDrive controls, creating a seamless integration which even has the ability to output different video sources to different screens. There is also the optional extra of installing a 'reversing camera'.

BTA1500 Bluetooth interface

Dension's BTA1500 product is a Bluetooth interface which, when paired with a compatible phone, enables hands free telephone operation in the vehicle, browsing of the phonebook on the car's original screen, and even music streaming from the phone to the car's audio system, again, all controlled from the steering wheel or iDrive controller - keeping drivers safe and legal.

The Autologic Solution

Many independent garages who are existing Dension agents have found that to complete the job has required the involvement of the dealer tool to encode the ECU with the newly installed Dension equipment. However the majority of BMW dealerships are now no longer supporting this request. This means that the Autologic diagnostic tool is currently the only alternative means of encoding the ECU once the Dension software has been fitted, as other aftermarket diagnostic tools lack the capability to do so. Autologic already has a dedicated coding menu imbedded in its software, making the encoding process simple to achieve.