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Diagnostics for ROLLS-ROYCE...

Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE is the world's first dealer-level diagnostic software for this most prestigious of car manufacturers for those independent garages servicing a more deluxe customer base. Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE enables independent garages to provide comprehensive ROLLS-ROYCE servicing in their own workshops, without relying on dealer availability.

Using simple touch-screens with extensive help menus, Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE provides real-time data, component activation, programming, coding and read and clear fault codes.


Coverage and capability

Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE covers all vehicles from 2003 onwards.

standard coverage  
All systems and functions covered Autologic is the only aftermarket diagnostic tool to offer OEM-level functionality.
ECU Flash programming Necessary when a blank unprogrammed ECU is installed. No other aftermarket diagnostic tool offers full flash programming capability.
ECU coding ECU is configured with extra parameters that correspond to extra vehicule specification.
Service functions For each brand, Autologic offers a comprehensive range of service functions
Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC'S) Autologic operates, with manufacturer' Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's - also known as fault codes), providing full accurate diagnosis.
Live Data/actuations This function of the Autologic aids the user through remonving live data and carrying out component actuations for ease of diagnosis.
Data logging Records communication between Autologic and vehicle ECUs. Informationobtained is used to help diagnose software issues in an unrecognised ECU of fault code.




















In addition to the standard coverage, highlights of Autologic ROLLS-ROYCE also include the following functions:

  • Coding and programming
  • Engine and immobiliser alignment
  • Adjustment and adaptations for drive and chassis
  • Complete component activation
  • Real-time reading of all dynamic data
  • Reading and resetting of fault codes
  • Condition based service (CBS)
  • Quick test / Quick clear